Check out some of the comments from producers,musicians and artists who have recorded at Studio Downe Under

Soren is a true professional and all around great guy! He knows his gear, is super efficient, and makes you feel right at home. We recorded three tracks at Studio Downe Under with The OM Sound and Soren easily adapted to our eclectic song choices, blending live hip-hop with neo-soul, prog, and jazz. His miking choices were perfect for what we were looking for, and he was honest, knowledgable, straight forward, and humble throughout the sessions. He is super easy to work with, and communicating ideas creatively is a breeze. From the moment I started mixing the tracks I was grateful for Soren’s clean and organized workflow. The songs are already sounding polished with minimal plugins and effects, thanks to the great room sounds, natural reverbs, and crispy clarity blended with smooth warmth from his mic choices and placements. All good vibes! Can’t wait to come back for another session soon.

Orion Miller

The OM Sound

Montreal, QC


Studio Downe Under and Soren!

Best time I have ever had recording. A top notch studio with great gear as well Soren makes the recording process stress free.

A real pro in the studio. I’m looking forward to recording more projects with Soren at Studio Downe Under in the future.

Thanks Soren!

Ken McCoy.


I had the privilege to record at Studio Downe Under.  First of all, Soren makes you feel like you are at home and that your project is special whether you are doing a demo or a full blown album.  Soren was always accommodating to all my time constraints and went the extra mile to meet my needs in the studio.  He is one of the good guys and is a pleasure to work with.  You can safely say that Studio Downe Under is the place to be if you are looking to record.

Johnny P. Johnson – Singer Songwriter/Son of John

Studio Downe Under

“Is a first class recording facility !”“I have worked in various studios across Canada and SDU is one of the very best!”

“Soren understands how to capture a great acoustic Fiddle and Mandolin sound and has a wide array of high quality mic’s.”“ I love the studio vibe and it’s conducive to creating music”.“I without any hesitation,highly recommend Studio Downe Under to anyone in the industry.”

Mike Sanyshyn   Bccma /Ccma Fiddle Player of the Year

SDU is a wonderful place to make and record music. Soren is fast, efficient, musical, and he gets great sounds ALL the time. He puts his heart into every project that comes through the doors. One of my favourite places to work, and I look forward to many more recording sessions at SDU.

Andreas Schuld: Producer, Session Guitar Player

Good studios usually have a few things going for them; good gear, a great in-house engineer, a nice main room big enough for a whole band, a multitude of isolation booths, a comfortable environment, etc.  But, in my experience, very few studios have all of those things, and that’s what makes some studios exceptional.  Studio Downe Under is one of those exceptional studios.  Soren Lonnqvist has created an amazing space and filled it with top quality recording gear and backline instruments, and made the entire recording process easy and efficient.  I always really enjoy working at Studio Downe Under because it is one of the few studios that I know of that can easily and comfortably work with single voices, or large groups of players at the same time.  When recording bed tracks or demo sessions, the ability to record and isolate 8 or more musicians at a time is extremely helpful.  And the fact that Soren has the ability to have those types of sessions up and running in a matter of minutes speaks to his professionalism, organization, and skill as an engineer and studio builder.  When there is a group of creative people recording together, it is important to the process that the engineer is able to move and adjust effectively and quickly, and Soren has an outstanding ability to make adjustments and edits on the fly, which supports the creative flow of the musicians on the session.  If you are looking for a comfortable, professional, friendly and supportive environment for your recording project, I would strongly encourage you to consider Soren and Studio Downe Under.

Matthew Atkins: Live and Session Drummer

I am happy to write and provide my testimony for Studio Downe Under and Soren Lonnqvist.  In 2015 I hired Soren to record bed tracks for my first album after he was referred to me by my guitarist.

We only had a few days to get everything done and I found Soren to be on top of things and very fast with his equipment – he had no problem knowing how to deal with all the different sounds we wanted to achieve (I had quite a variety of genres on my project) and his work ethic was terrific.  We did solid 10 hour days recording 10 tunes (5 musicians) with very little in the way of breaks but we also had a lot of fun.

Afterwards I made a decision to use Soren’s studio to complete vocal over dubs (in 2016).  I spent many days coming in to get the tracks just the way I wanted them.  Soren was always very supportive and encouraging and again great at the controls.  He also gave me constructive feedback when I asked for it and some of his ideas made it onto the tracks.   I then made the decision to have him mix the album and again he did a fantastic job – going over and above expectations and being patient with the small changes I had and requests to tweak things.

Soren is a music engineer who really cares about his clients.  I loved the studio – its’ very relaxed and lots of space  – I didn’t feel any negative pressure there.  The guys in my group really enjoyed recording there too and he got a great sound on all the instruments and voice.

As well, his pricing seemed reasonable to me and he was flexible about deadlines which mattered to me.  One thing I do really appreciate is that after I had completed my bed tracks, I had a few months where I got busy. Soren picked up the phone to call me and see where things were at and that conversation was what spurred me on to complete the project and I’m so happy I did.

In the end I have a recording that I am very proud of – I have received so many compliments especially about the production value.  I know for sure this project has already helped me further my aspirations as a vocalist and it also gave me a wonderful musical experience.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Soren for anyone looking for a great studio and engineer for their next project.


LJ Mounteney



Love the studio, and the service. Best studio experience I have ever had in

fact. It’s no wonder why most of the producers I know in Vancouver do most

of their work at at Studio Downe Under.

Mike Ohman: Engineer, Producer, Guitar Player

I always look forward to recording at Studio Downe Under. Soren has the place completely dialed in meaning you can pretty much get right down to business without any long setup waits. Tracks go down smoothly and the results are undeniably pleasing. The best part for me is that he always gets a great sound out of my bass… that big punchy warm tone that I love!

Check out Studio Downe Under for your next project. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Rob Becker – Session Bass Player

Studio Downe Under has all the makings of a classic recording studio complete with a large live tracking room, overdub suites and control room. SDU has a perfect blend of analog preamps, compressors and digital gear to capture the best of what your artist or group is looking for. I have tracked many tunes there and have always enjoyed the results. Thanks Soren!!

Jeff Johnson-Producer

A quick shout-out here to Soren Lonnqvist and Studio Downe Under.  Soren has done a phenomenal job designing and crafting a facility the suites my needs perfectly and provides consistent results.  The ability to track so many musicians simultaneously and with such little effort really helps keep artists and musicians focused on what’s most important; the music!  I love all his gear and we’ve been able to get some very creative sounds while tracking.  Keep up the great work, Soren!

Paul Shatto -Producer, Engineer

Recently Damn Fools recorded at Soren’s Studio Downe Under in Abbotsford. This gem of a studio is fully equipped to tackle all sorts of recording projects but was especially ideal for our 6-piece rock and roll band. The studio is designed to create an environment that allows musicians creative freedom without the constant delays of rearranging to facilitate overdubs. Studio Downe Under has a killer live room with all the necessary isolation booths needed for recording bands that wish to track together. The isolation booths gave us the freedom to keep guitar/bass/keys/vocal takes that we liked or use takes from different passes all together, which saved time in the end. The studio also holds a full vintage keyboard and drum collection. Soren is methodical, attentive and meticulous in his work and our experience with Soren at Studio Downe Under was nothing less than superb. We hope to record there again soon.

Andrew – Damn Fools

We recently had a really awesome experience recording “RAWK Anthems” at a studio in Abbotsford BC.  Studio Downe Under, run by Soren Lonnqvist is SO RAD and so pro.  Not only does he have great name but his studio is essentially a Paradise for bands, he’s got “isolation chambers” (as Graeme calls them) where you can run your amps etc with NO BLEEDING of the sound making it so easy to just RAWK “live off the floor”

In 1 day we recorded 6 school songs, had them mixed and in our hands by the time we left later that evening.  Basically I’m putting it out there that this guy makes it easy and awesome!!!!

Speed Control: Rock Band

I had the pleasure of recording at Studio Downe Under and it was an experience I will never forget. From the moment you walk in you can tell it’s above and beyond what you expected. Great equipment, great sound/set-up and most of all great people. I can’t wait to get back in and record!

Chris Buck, Country Recording Artist

Studio Downe Under is my studio of choice in the lower mainland. Soren is a very organized engineer and can usually have a 7 piece band up and recording within 45 minutes from arriving. The gear and the sounds are world class, and the headphone system rocks, which is always most important to any musician.

Perks: Starbucks coffee, assorted nuts, sunlight, great vibes:)

John Ellis: Producer, engineer, session guitar, steel, banjo, dobro player

“I had the opportunity to work on my 4th album “All Kinds Of Crazy” at the Studio Downe Under in Abbotsford. It was an incredible experience working with Soren and the gang. I felt very at home which made for a great recording session. It definitely stands up to any big time studio and I am so happy I made the decision to record there. Since recording “All Kinds Of Crazy” has been nominated for “Album Of The Year” at the Canadian Counrty Music Association Awards and has also received an award for “Country Recording Of The Year” at the Western Canadian Music Awards. I thank Soren and the gang at the Studio Downe Under for all their incredible talents. Thank you Studio Downe Under and see you soon!”

Codie Prevost – Country Recording Artist

I have had the good fortune of doing many recording sessions at this gem of a recording studio in Abbotsford.  Studio Downe Under is a fantastic world class studio .

Studio owner Soren’s enthusiasm and professionalism is unrivaled. You always feel welcomed and respected when you work here and always leave with an amazing sounding product.   It’s especially great as a keyboard player as there are two hammond organs, wurlitzer and rhodes electric pianos .

I highly suggest a visit to the studio for demos or full fledged productions. You wont be dissapointed.

Darryl Havers – Session keyboard player

If a studio is judged by the quality of the producers and musicians it attracts, then it should be no surprise Studio Downe Under was voted Recording Studio of the Year by industry members of the BC Country Music Association the last three award shows. Soren’s vision for a world-class studio made accessible to both labels and small independent projects is now catching the eye of signed and unsigned artists across the country.  When you see and hear some of the top studio musicians bring your song to life at SDU, in such a comfortable atmosphere with no clock pressure and time to get the take just right, you’ll know you made the right choice whether it’s for your first demo or full-length album. The M&M’s are pretty good too.

Dave Hartney – Artist, Songwriter, Guitar Player

Some studios just feel comfortable. Studio Downe Under is that kind of place. And Soren is the single most important ingredient in making it feel that way. I always come away with great results and that’ll keep me coming back for more every time!

Tom McKillip: Producer, session guitar player

“Working in Studio Downe Under has been a consistently fantastic experience.  Soren is well set up and a great guy to work with.  The big live room has allowed us to capture some wicked music including a drum sound that is competitive with any studio I’ve ever seen.  The studio has a very interesting and unique design, a lovely little lounge and is run by a guy who is knowledgeable, professional and on his game.  Check it out.”

Wes Mack,  Artist, Songwriter

We’ve played recordings we did at Studio Downe Under for the highest and mightiest of A&R men around the world and the response has been resounding applause and enthusiasm.  Soren is a spectacular human and terrific engineer.  In terms of bang for the buck, I don’t think there’s anywhere on earth you can beat it.  And if you don’t get good results and response from your music recorded with Soren, it’s time to go back to the woodshed and work on the material.  I very highly recommend Soren and Studio Downe Under.

Richard Sales – Music Producer etc. – www.glasswing.com

Studio Downe Under offers a state of the art recording facility with a private and relaxed atmosphere for an extremely competitive rate. Having had the opportunity to record at some of the best studios in the industry, such as The Sound Factory in Los Angeles, Addiction Studios in Nashville, and The Armoury in Vancouver, it has been wonderful to have somewhere so close to home where we can count on coming away with tracks that stand up next to those we have recorded in these world renowned studios. Over the last two years, Darren and I have exclusively recorded bed tracks at Studio Downe Under and have had the pleasure of watching some of those songs, such as “What We Weren’t Looking For” for David James, break the top 30 at Canadian Country Radio, and all four songs produced by Carly McKillip at Studio Downe Under for country music newcomer Meghan Patrick be included on her debut album, set for release through Warner Music Canada later this year. The rest of Meghan’s album was produced by Vince Gill, Justin Niebank, and Chad Kroeger in Nashville, and I was proud to have a little piece of our music scene in BC be embraced by those heavyweights. Darren and I both consider Studio Downe Under our home!

Carly Savard: Producer, Recording Artist, Session Singer

Me and my brother and producer Ted Tosoff have recorded six tracks from our album project “Road To Somewhere” at Studio Downe Under, in Abbotsford, BC. Soren Lonnqvist is a dedicated owner/engineer who has attracted some of the best studio musicians in the country to support his artist clientele in getting top notch sounds and production. Reasonable rates and great service makes Studio Downe Under our studio of choice for all of our recording projects ~ LloydTosoff and the Redneck Allstars – http://lloydtosoff.com/

Lloyd Tosoff: Songwriter, Recording artist

There was this humble little recording studio in the basement of a house that we used to record at a lot. Five or six guys and all their gear would pile into one little room and we would track songs the old-fashioned way; live off the floor. It was a modest setup but the gear sounded great and we loved it. For all of its shortcomings, we never felt like we couldn’t make great music there. Then the owner decided to renovate… Now it’s one of the best places to record in Canada. History is being made at Studio Downe Under.

Jay Buettner: Producer, Session Guitar Player

There are recording studios, and then there’s Studio Downe Under. Soren takes recording to a whole new level with his state of the art equipment, professional approach, and easy going attitude in a space with big, warm sound in a unique, centralized setting situated in the heart of the Fraser Valley. My producer, my mixer, my music mastermind, and I were all thoroughly impressed with the sounds we got out of this space. Oh, and he has pretty good summer parties too.

Roger Dalton – singer, songwriter

I always look forward to sessions at Studio Downe Under. A great room, great gear, and Soren provides a comfortable, relaxed and creative environment.

Bruce Coughlan – song writer

Studio Downe Under is exactly that. A place where you get the comfort of being at home while you can make great recordings. Soren has taken every step to ensure a laid back vibe is utmost to having a great creative environment. I’ve had the opportunity to work there with a variety of artists and producers, and it’s always an enjoyable time. The tracking room is one of the best because we can have as many people in there as we need, and we can all see each other and actually “play music” together. The gear and console the SDU team have put together always works and no time is wasted getting great sounds and having a quality playback mix DIALED! Most importantly, Soren keeps the GOOD coffee going!

Pat Steward (session and live drummer)

I’ve had the great pleasure to ‘experience’ recording demo tracks as well as my EP ‘I Stand Amazed’ at Studio Downe Under, and I cannot wait to get back in either form! Not only are you surrounded by professionalism, attention to detail, and an amazing final project, but with every step great effort is made to stay both relaxed and efficient, with a ‘personal’ touch and a great cup of coffee If you have music to record, invite Soren and Studio Downe Under into your life. You will not regret it!

Dave Forsberg – Country and Christian recording artist

Whether recording a vocal demo or a full blown live recording with a seven piece band, Soren’s attention to detail goes above and beyond. The artists and musicians are always well taken care of. The environment is very creative! The studio is well equipped with mountains of outboard gear and all the latest software. Not to mention a collection of microphones to meet every need.

I have taken my clients through SDU from demos to finished product. From the basement to Billboard. All of this combined with Soren’s knowledge of music industry standards is the reason I keep going back. I highly recommend this wonderful facility!

Darcy D Darcy D Music Group www.darcyalive.com

While producing the award winning album “Lukewarm Love” for Cities Under Fire, I had the privilege of working with Soren at Studio Downe Under for the tracking of all the drum and guitar parts. Everyone was immediately aware of how huge the songs were sounding right off the console and the sonic integrity of the tracks really shone throughout the entire post production process with glowing comments from everyone involved, right up to the final mix and master. For anyone who is serious about their career in music, you would be doing yourself a huge favor by cutting your tracks at SDU.

Kelvin Funkner  (producer, engineer, session musician)- Northern Christian Recording

I always very much enjoy my sonic experiences at Studio Downe Under with Soren. He has a fine array of class A outboard gear as well as a solid selection of mic choices. He is also a very artistic person with great ears. I often don’t like what I hear in a control room, even in very large studios but that is never the case at SDU. The sounds are always rich, warm and punchy! The environment is homey and friendly being situated in the country side. It’s a very calming atmosphere for artists and musicians alike. I highly recommend Studio Down Under. Trust me, it will be an enjoyable experience and you’ll get back gold!

Phil Robertson

Studio Drummer – Electronic Arts NBA Live, Need For Speed,  Radical
Entertainment, label projects, many radio and TV jingles, soundtracks.

Recording had long been a dream that suddenly turned to reality in a matter of weeks. I was introduced to Soren Lonqvist through a family member who had previously recorded an album with him.  Being a first time recording artist, there were many things about the whole recording process that I was unfamiliar with and details I had never thought of. Soren really helped us out with his creative ideas and he seemed to want to produce the best product possible, something that I really appreciated. He was very encouraging while working in the studio and incredibly helpful in taking care of all the “little” things that needed to be done. Doing an album was definitely a worthwhile experience for me. It involved very little stress, a lot of which I can credit Soren for.  His work was very professional and his way was very personal! I listen to our product now and can honestly say that I am still happy with it. I can only say that my first time recording experience was incredible, something I would only be thrilled to do again!

Melissa Fehr, (Destiny Road) – Country Gospel Artist

Recording with Soren is a true pleasure. He keeps the needs of the musician in mind – excellent monitor mixes and exceptionally fast response time. He has created a studio with an environment that is conducive to making great music, which of course is what it’s all about. I look forward to every session. Also, excellent coffee. EXCELLENT coffee.

Mike Norman – Producer and Session Player

Back in 2003 I met Soren  Lonnqvist  for the  very first time. I had never had a recording experience before. I was a little nervous, and unsure of what to expect.  Very quickly he made us feel comfortable. I learned a lot. I learned to appreciate Soren as a musician, producer, and engineer. Although we did a lower budget project at the time, Soren gave it 100% and did a great job.

We became good friends due to this experience. I went back into the studio in 2005. Soren asked us to be a part of a compilation project that he was doing with four other groups. Again it was a wonderful experience. Soren has a way of getting out of you very unique and wonderful things. The producer in him comes up with brilliant ideas and puts things together that you would have never thought of.

The most wonderful experience of all was when I embarked upon a solo project in 2007. From helping me gather original material to putting it all together, to being able to read some of my ideas and implementing them better than I could have done myself.  Then spending a week in the studio together with the musicians and seeing this project coming to life. Then having Soren come out and do sound for my CD release concert was a real treat.

I have stayed in contact with Soren, we talk back and forth on occasion and he is always an inspiration to me and keeps encouraging me in my music.

Thanks Soren for the wonderful work that you do. I can’t imagine a studio session anywhere other than your studio. You’ve been an inspiration.

Dan Siemens – Country Gospel Artist

I love working at Studio Downe Under. Soren and I have worked on many projects together and every one has been a great experience. He’s gone to extreme lengths to make the studio a comfortable place for artists and musicians to record and his passion for it shows. It’s top notch and I always look forward to going back.

Jay Buettner – Producer and Session Guitar Player

Soren combines excellent equipment, a comfortable working environment and his great ears to make fine recordings. It’s always a pleasure working with him.

Jim Woodyard – Producer, Engineer and Session Player

I play bass in Vancouver and across Canada, and through the years, I’ve had the good fortune of playing with a few recording groups that brought me to record in places like London, England, Miami and Los Angeles just to name a few. I find that different studios have different  characteristics and some places are more fun to record in than others. Lately, I’ve found a studio in Abbotsford, BC that has something going for it that is very unique and exciting. Soren  Lonnqvist has built a place with just the right “vibe”. There is a  vintage sound to his hi-tech studio and anyone spending time with Soren at the the controls will find someone with a great amount  of enthusiasm and passion for that “old school” sound and what it can  do to enhance your project. The playback in the control room is a real joy to listen to, as there is the type of sound coming back at  you that you were hoping you’d hear with rich, deep bass and clean and  crisp highs. Everyone recording off the floor gets their own headphone mix to adjust anything they need. I can’t  say enough about the studio, the equipment and Soren’s passion about getting you to feel as comfortable as possible. This place gets a 10  out of 10.

Dennis Marcenko – Live and Session Bass Player

Soren Lonnqvist is the owner, operator of Studio Downe Under. He has done 3 Projects for me. I’m So Blessed, Thanks To Calvary, and a compilation cd  Its By Love.

He has very good contacts for musicians and back up singers and is very good to work with and is very patient, He makes sure you are on pitch, which is very important. So why go to Nashville to record a cd, why not go to Studio Downe Under which is located in Abbotsford B.C.

David Dyck – Country Gospel Artist

Having worked a few different levels of studios, from home based setups to the high end commercial outfits, I’ve realized, at least for me, one of the keys to a great studio experience. That being “Monitoring”. If I’m not hearing myself and the others I’m recording with I’m not having any fun. And the chances of any kind of useable performance are hugely reduced. Soren has addressed this properly. Every player gets his own cue station. Build your own mix and find your own comfort level. Its the one thing the smaller home based studios miss…not Soren thou! He nails it.

Now I’m not even touching on the great and ever expanding outboard gear, microphones, and supper relaxed environment of SDU. And Mr. Lonnqvist makes a solid cup of coffee too. SDU is a hidden gem! Love it.

Chris Meister – Live and Session Drummer

My name is Linda Prichard and I have known Soren for over 27 years.  Over the years he has encouraged me to someday record my music.  I was a little apprehensive because that is a big commitment.  Soren is great to work with and patient.  He has the ability to fine tune your music and help add ideas and other musicians to better the sound. Since I don’t read or write music and play by “ear”… I felt that would hold us both back. I’ve now recorded three albums and loved every minute it.  I’ve appreciated Soren’s dedication to making my “voice” and music sound “sellable”. Thank you Soren!  You helped this “old” lady (Ha) make a childhood dream come true!!

Linda Prichard – Gospel Writer and Singer

Not only does Soren have the best gear around – he really knows how to get the best results with it. The studio is so much fun to do live, off the floor recording. Everyone has their own mix and Soren is the most patient and dedicated engineer I have worked with.

The atmosphere is always up-beat and never tiring! Downe Under Studio rocks!!

Gord Maxwell – Session singer/Bass player

I really want to thank you for the Cd that you produced for me- “Live with the end in mind”. I really enjoyed working with you, the musicians were phenomenal, and your studio gear is second to none. Thank your wife Janice, of “Ocean Breeze cruise and travel”, for booking the flights and motel rooms while I was doing the recording. Can’t wait to work with you again.

Joe Zacharias: country artist – www.joezacharias.com

Working with Soren  has always been an enjoyable experience.We have a long history together, starting with a project in 1989, and four since then. I have  admired how he can make me feel comfortable, yet challenge me at the same time. He has an incredible ear, and works so hard to make every product top quality. Thanks for the many years. On a personal note Soren, I want to thank you, and the band for your awesome work on the last project. Congratulations to all of you on the nomination! I couldn’t have done it without you.God Bless,

Edith Fehr    Country/Southern Gospel Artist